MGC P.38 Kurtz

Super Rare, 'Man From U.N.C.L.E' metal model

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Price 320

Very rare original 1967 'Man from U.N.C.L.E' Walther P.38. This was a replica of the model used by Napoleon Solo in the famous 1960s TV Show. These are uniquely made P.38 models that have special features including slot for stock (included), RH scope fitting (scope absent), short barrel with basic blade sight (to allow for the suppressor/barrel extension absent)and specialised grips. This is a trigger action pistol meaning the slide cycles under pressure from the trigger. This action is relatively worn and not crisp, however, this is a collectors piece, and the only one we have ever seen available in many years of collecting. A one-off chance to obtain a true collectors piece of modelgun history (stock shows a little light corrosion).

You will need to provide us withdetails of your VCR exemption to purchase this.

Caliber None
Length 170 mm (gun), 300mm (stock)
Barrel length 86 mm
Weight unloaded 1.006 Kg
Magazine capacity 0
Powder None
Firing mode None
Materials Zinc alloy

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