KSC Beretta 93R Robocop

Custom Robocop Pistol Auto

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Price 285

Custom Auto 9 built on KSCs M93R. Any fan of sci-fi cinema will recognise this as the leg mounted weapon of the future of law enforcement! Video of this model firing bursts on the video pages, one off.

You will need to provide us with details of your VCR exemption to purchase anything from this website.
It can be 51% coloured to comply with the VCR.

Caliber 9mm CP-cartridge
Length 355 mm
Barrel length 150 mm
Weight unloaded 1.03 Kg
Magazine capacity 20
Powder 7 mm mg cap blk
Firing mode Semi-auto / 3 shot bursts
Materials Heavyweight ABS / Zinc alloy parts

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