Tanaka Single Action Army .45

Civilian, Nickel Finish

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Price ú185

As everyone knows Tanaka Works periodically produces a batch of their superior airsoft guns and when production ceases these become highly desirable and impossible to find. Some of the finishes then become discontinued. This is the 4.75 inch civillian version with the Nickel finish. It is the early pegasus type with non-detachable cylinder. We actually prefer this type as the build quality/action is better than the later models. A nice hefty feeling revolver, (very bling) used but in ok condition. (Please note: the sprung loading tube that lives in the ejector tube that holds extra bbs is missing in this model so the cylinder needs to be loaded by hand). Gassed up/tested and working perfectly. This includes the longer Cavalry barrels but the added barrel is not in great condition. Unboxed, but with gas filler tube.

N.B. We now have custom made cylinder pins that house the gas loading tube so these can be gassed up in the field without any hassle. (Additional cost). Interested in two of these for your loadout? Ask us about a special discount deal.

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Caliber 6 mm bb
Length 260 mm
Barrel length 116 mm
Weight unloaded 730 g
Magazine capacity 6
Power HFC 134A
Firing mode Single
Materials ABS / Metal

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