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Price ú550

Rare "Tokyo Replica Company" all metal MP40. This is perhaps one of the best replica zinc cast MP40s from the late 1960s and features the superior metal front trunnion.
We have converted this to use the 9mm PFC cartridges and is available with either ABS bolt and current MP40 cartridges or metal bolt with custom PFC cartridges. It will vent smoke from the barrel so ideal as a re-enactor prop for close-up displays as the rounds eject perfectly safely.

You will need to provide us withádetails of your VCR exemption to purchase anything from this website.

Caliber 9 mm cartridges
Length 650 mm
Barrel length 210 mm
Weight unloaded 4.70 Kg
Magazine capacity 32
Powder 7 mm PFC
Firing mode Fully-automatic
Materials Heavyweight Zinc Alloy

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