Marushin MP41


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Price ú850

Very difficult to find this model now. This is Marushin's Version of the Schmeisser built MP41, a wood stocked select fire weapon very similar to the famous MP40 in appearance. This was originally issued to police units where the wood stock (borrowed from the earlier MP28) proved quite effective for crowd control. The addition of the select fire mechanism also made for better preservation of ammunition. This type of weapon was also used by W-SS, FJ and Gebirgsjager units.
This model accurately copies the original and is capable of single and full auto fire. This uses MGC 9 mm cartridges. Price includes one magazine and 9 mm re-useable PFC cartridges.

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Caliber 9 mm CP-cartridge
Length 890 mm
Barrel length 210 mm
Weight unloaded 4.0 Kg
Magazine capacity 32
Powder 7mm mg cap blk
Firing mode Fully- / Semi-auto switchable
Materials Zinc Alloy / Wood

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