Obsolete Modelgun Cartridges


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Rare chance to pick up some obsolete cartridges from Marushin/Shoei/MGC/Hudson. Priced packs/groups, however, if someone is interested in the lot feel free to make an offer. All are used unless stated.

Will ship worldwide, however, we only accept bank transfer and this can be difficult outside Europe.

Roughly left to right

(A) Hudson 7.62 used box of six for PPSH41 and Tokarev 10
(B) SUPER Rare Shoei MP44 FIRING CARTRIDGES 20 per box (4 boxes)
(C) MGC P220 9.5 x 26 one plus 1/2 box used also for MGC MP40s 35 (all)
(D) MGC Original MP40 cartridges 9mm LONG 3 boxes 15 per box (2x new boxes)
(E) Marushin Hi Power (early type ) 9mm (x13) 25 new old stock
(F) Marushin PPK (early type) box plus 10 (15 total) 15
(G) MGC 45 APC (for 1911 full size) Box of 5 used 10
(H) MGC 9x24 for MGC M76 and VP70 closed type (x5) 12
(I) MGC .223 Early all Metal M16s 3x boxes 15 per box (2x new boxes)
(J) Kokusai 6.36mm (x7) MGC 9mm short (x7) (MGC and WA) Kokusai 9mm short (x6) 15 (all)
(K) MGC 9mm (long) for M76 and VP70 (open type) (x14) 25
(L) Marushin 44 Automag (x4) 10
(M) Hudson Shotgun (inc Mad Max) (x4 NEW) 10
(N) MGC .22 x 10 Marushin colt .25 (x4) 6 for both
(O) MGC .44-40 early western guns (x8) 15
(P) Assortment bag of bits of cartridges 3

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