Maruzen Airsoft KG9 Teck 9

Full-auto Gas SMG

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Awesome classic Maruzen KG9, and works from an external air source and has a progressive trigger meaning first pull is single shot and good squeeze is full auto. Lots of fun but also highly collectable, boxed although cover has some minor impact areas.

Can be two-toned to comply with VCR.

You will need to provide us with details of your VCR exemption to purchase anything from this website.

Caliber 6 mm plastic shot
Length 350 mm
Barrel length 160 mm
Weight unloaded 1.40 Kg
Magazine capacity 80
Power External Gas Supply
Firing mode Selective single / Full-auto
Muzzle Velocity 0.97 J
Rate of Fire 800/900 RPM
Materials Steel / ABS

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