Marushin Copy of Hermann Göring's Krieghoff Luger P.08 4 inch


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A rare copy of the Krieghoff Luger given to the head of the Luftwaffe Hermann Göring. To handle the original of something like this would never be possible but holding on to this amazing copy is quite impressive, a beautiful looking gun. This fine model is fully operational and strips as per a real P08 (Dummy model only no cap firing ability). It comes with dummy cartridges and Luger mag tool. A wonderful display item and would make an interesting holster filler for any US military re-enactor!

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Caliber 9 mm real look dummy cartridge
Length 230 mm
Barrel length 100 mm
Weight unloaded 862 g
Magazine capacity 7+1
Powder None
Firing mode Manual Cycle
Materials Zinc alloy

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