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A used example of the rare Model Gun Corporation VP70, originally designed in the 1970s as an inexpensive weapon for the German people.
The 'Volks Pistole' is a surprisingly large, double action only, pistol with twin stacking magazine. This replica has a unique feature in that it becomes capable of three shot bursts when a stock is added (stock not included). These models have not been available for quite a while and this comes with the open style PFC cartridge.
In modern use this was used by the troopers in the second 'Alien' Movie. Tried and tested this is approximately 30 years old and still functions well.

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Caliber 9mm / long cartridge
Length 200 mm
Barrel length 110 mm
Weight unloaded 550 g
Magazine capacity 18 + 1
Powder 7 mm mg cap blk
Firing mode Semi- / 3-shot bursts (with stock)
Materials ABS / Zinc alloy
Item Ref. HMGVP2

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