Spare Modelgun Magazines


From left to right top row (used unless stated)

(A) MGC Colt 1911 (chrome) fits the non-full size cartridge 20
(B) Marushin M712 (PFC firing type) 20
(C) Marushin Browning Hi Power 20
(D) Marushin Automag (same as Clint 1) 25
(E) Unknown, make possibly for .380 type cartridge 5
(F) Marushin 1910 15
(G) MGC M12s (pfc firing type) 30
(H) Hudson Thompson 30 round (NEW) 35
Bottom row

(A) MGC M16 / CAR15 (early all metal model) 25
(B) Asahi MP40 magazines (can be used as pouch fillers) 15 each
(C) MGC MP40 magazine. Mint but no internals 20
(D) Stamped Nakata MP40 magazine 30
(E) MGC Thompson Drum magazine (new with some storage marks). This was for the 1980s models but will fit all models with a little file work 100

Please note: These are modelgun magazines and WILL NOT fit a real firearm and cannot work with live cartridges (they are made that way).

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