Modelgun Grips


From left to right top

(A) Marushin P.38 commercial type 8 (Pair)
(B) Unknown make Browning 1910 3 (Pair)
(C) MGC P38 grips with eagle (one grip has a crack) 10 (Pair)
(D) KSC M93R (burst fire pistol) 10 (Pair)
(E) Unknown, possibly KSC Beretta 5 (Pair)
(F) Marushin M16 butt plate 5
(G) MGC M16 butt plate 5
(H) MGC XM177 Stock 5
(I) Marushin XM177 foregrips 5
(J) MGC XM/M16 Pistol grip 5
(K) MGC CAR15 foregrip (metal model) 10
(L) MGC XM foregrips (ABS model) 5
(M) MGC M16E1 foregrips (metal model) 15
(N) MGC M16 foregrips (ABS model) 10
(O) MGC M16 foregrips (tatty inside) 5
(P) MGC/Hudson Thompson foregrip (may require fitting) 10
(Q) Marushin M16 foregrip heatshields NEW 5

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